The Ideal Device and MecSense soultion

The Science Behind the MecSense Non-Invasive Glucose Indicator

MecSense is the first to develop a reliable and economical system for blood CGM Indication in a completely non-invasive manner. The equipment has two important components – a sensor for detecting the blood glucose level and software which converts the signals into glucose readings on a receiving device. The sensor is embedded in the skin patch.

A basic scientific theory forms the underlying working principle of this device. MecSense has made use of the fact that any change in the glucose concentration levels in body fluid is correlated to a change in body fluids viscosity. So, if body fluid viscosity can somehow be monitored, then the glucose level in the body fluids can also be indicated.

The MecSense CGM Indicator shoots quasi-continuous small pulse trains or acoustic waves at certain frequencies to monitor the viscosity of the body fluids. A response signal is then gathered from the dampening of the pulses or acoustic waves and by taking into account the body temperature.

The response signals are then decoded on a receiving device like a smartphone using the company’s developed software. Any decrease in body fluid viscosity would indicate decrease in the level of blood glucose and any increase in viscosity of body fluids would indicate a rise in the glucose concentration in blood.