The Ideal device and MecSense Solution

The Ideal Device and MecSense soultion

What is the ideal device? 

  • The sensor needs to be non-invasive and continuous.
  • The sensor needs to be accurate and meet the gold standard for measurements required today for standard invasive glucose sensors (ISO 15197) after calibration.
  • The sensor needs to be harmless without complications with potential skin infections.
  • The sensor needs to be easy to use so that both children and elderly diabetics may use it.
  • The sensor needs to be affordable.
  • The person’s location may be found by GPS in case of untreated hypoglycemia automatically alerting next of kin and/or emergency ambulance.
  • Data may be transferred automatically to primary physician.

MecSense soultion

  • A non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring device.
  • Ease of use: Management focused on ’plug and play’.
  • Cost effective for patients and society.
  • Less than ± 10% deviation. Present standard is at best ± 15% deviation (ISO 15197).
  • Reduced need for calibration compared to existing invasive continuous sensors.
  • Robust.
  • Alarms and trends.
  • Wireless readings.
  • The stationary sensor electronics will be miniaturized using ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).