MecSense AS

MecSense AS is a private limited Norwegian start-up company established in 2011 and is headquartered in Oslo. Founder-member Olav Ellingsen currently holds the post of Chairman and CED in the company. We aim to provide revolutionary solutions in monitoring moisture, surface homogeneity, density and viscosity in different bodies and liquids accurately under different weather or environmental conditions.

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Board of Directors

Advisory team:

  • Engineer Hans-Erik Backram, ShortLink B, Karlstad, Sweden
  • Engineer Anders Brändström, ShortLink AB, Karlstad, Sweden
  • Engineer Jens Melberg, ShortLink AB, Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Engineer Per Samuelsson, Karlstad, Sweden
  • Professor Bengt Oelmann, Mid Sweden Universty, Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Engineer Andreas Jonasson, Stockholm, Sweden
  • MD Morten Eriksen, Oslo, Norway
  • Economist Espen Rødaas, Oslo, Norway
  • M&A Advisors AS, Oslo, Norway
  • Engineer Charles Parker, London, England
  • MSc Wenche Grønvold, Link Medical AS, Oslo, Norway
  • BSc. SC. Peter Mossner, Kastrup, Denmark